My Heartfelt Charities

As long as I can remember, my family is always involve in various charities in my hometown, Penang, Malaysia. My late mom, Lin, was the local neighborhood dog rescuer. We took in abandoned and stray dogs into our home and we try to rehome them. if not, the dogs live with us until old age and eventual passing. My family and I are continuing my mom's legacy of fostering and rescuing animals. 

Charity in Cambodia

In May 2017,I fulfilled my dream to visit Angkor Wat and I started  my own writing supplies donation campaign in Cambodia , "Operation Write-A-Lot" before my trip. My friends, Kate Goey, Kelvin Chung, Amanda M. Tham and Neesha Dagla have kindly donated writing supplies to my cause. To my sister, Karen Lim who helped me to carry them to Siem Reap. Thank you to all.
Our first recipient was our Tuktuk driver, Pasey, who has 2 kids, 5 and 7 years old. The rest of the writing supplies were donated to a small elementary school in a rural village outside Siem Reap and to our tour guide, Chay. 
Writing supplies are scarce in Cambodia especially in the rural schools. Even a pencil. We all take for granted our crayons and pencils that we conveniently lose. Many tourists donated candy and money that only encourage dental and other problems, that compounded the existing issues in Cambodia. My belief , education is the key out of poverty and many of these children needs writing supplies to continue learning. Can you imagine the thousands of visitors to Angkor Wat and each person donates a pencil?
My plan is to do this in every 3rd or 4th world country that I visit. I hope in my future trips, some of you will join me by donating your gently used or unused pencils or crayons. Thank you.